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The Jimmy Dore Show may 11, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show may 11, 2012
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This Week:

A Christian pastor in Louisiana has a message for parents of gay children: Punch them.  I wish I were kidding, but I am not. My question is where does this guy hide is Bette Midler cd’s? Because the only kind of person who says that kind stuff is fighting his own gay battle in his head.  His denial of instigating violence against gay children is laughable, so there’s that.

Underwear Bomber Alert: The CIA says the successfully thwarted another underwear bomber from blowing up a plane. We take a hard look at Islam and if it is really the cause for violence critics ay it is. We take a call from Imam who explains the Koran does not advocate violence, but is being ironic, like an alternative comedian.

Mitt Romeny calls in

Mitt Romney has run into more problems with credibility, and fails to correct a woman questioner who says President Obama is a traitor.  Come on, its not like he can correct everyone who accuses the president of treason right in front of him., what do you think he is Superman?

We dig into the archives at KPFK to find some old listener complaints. Even 300 years ago liberals were having trouble understanding comedy too.
With Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Suzanne Monk, Robert Yasumura

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Hey Jimmy,

Thanks for another great show. Since you and the panel spoke so much about conservatism itself, I thought I’d share a book with you that has a really interesting idea about what conservatism is. It’s given me a totally new way of thinking about conservatism and even some ideas about how to combat it.

It’s called ‘The Reactionary Mind’ by Corey Robin. The basic thesis is that all conservatism is essentially a reaction against progressive emancipatory movements. Robin posits that the vehemence of the reaction is due to the fact that the conservative loses power and privilege when the movements come about. I think the most telling example of that from today’s headlines is the persistent attacks on the freedoms of women. The conservative backlash comes from a seething anger over the fact that a man no longer has public or private dominion over a woman. Robin also makes a strong case that conservatism is not for stupid people. Quite the opposite, he makes a pretty convincing argument that conservatism has been a much more intellectually vibrant movement over the past 50 years or so while progressive thought has been languishing in old theories.

Anyway, it’s a great book and I hope you’ll check it out or at least watch some clips of Corey Robin on youtube. I’m sorry for the long post but I just thought you might find this book enlightening.

Thanks again for the show,


Democrats aren’t spineless, they want the same thing as Republicans, but they have tro act as an opposition to circumvent the true left. And Republicans don’t lose because they are true to their values, they are always attempting to move the dialogue further right. All this is very conscious, and it explains why the Republicans now oppose things that they proposed in the past (like say Obamacare). Republicans move to the right, and the democrats follow them, taking over positions that used to extreme but become ‘mainstream’ when espoused by Democrats. The whole political debate is a sham. And your new member’s notion that Republican voters care about their rights being taken from them is laughable in the extreme. Republican voters just vote for whomever the leaders of the party tell them to vote for, no matter what those candidates do or say. They are cadres just like those of the old statist ‘communist’ parties of the old State Capitalist states like the USSR. Her point about the Tea Party is even more absurd, the point is that the issues that the mainstream Republicans talk about (guns and abortion) used to be considered fringe wacko ideas, she is probably too young and uninformed to know it, but there was a time when the Republicans ran candidates that appeared sane to educated people. This is hard to believe I know. As to deregulation, the liberals are against this, that is why they haven’t done it. As to monopolies, it is true that in some cases governments have fostered monopoly, this is because they are acting as agents of the big market powers. Of course, this is expected in a market system, and why the founders designed our government structure the way they did, the idea was to keep people from interfering in the accumulation of power by market dominate actors in society. However, despite what your resident right wingers says, markets naturally consolidate, a glance at history establishes this, but as Robert points ut, it is the nature of a competeive system to make winners and losers, you would think a Republican would understand this, but logic isn’t exactly the strong suit of such people.

Along with The Reactionary Mind you should read The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt. It’s research into how liberals and conservatives have different instinctive morals. Also The Republican Brain by Chris Mooney.

Also I suspect Suzanne Monk hasn’t thought through things very thoroughly when it comes to regulation. I mean the SEC is the part of our government that investigates companies for following our laws. Because, unless you want to get all semantic, regulations are in essence laws.

I don’t want to dump on Suzanne Monk but I think that the more you have her on the more it will become clear that she will just aim to muddy the waters on many issues. (she will especially promote ‘free-market’ neo-liberal economics in a roundabout way).

Take, for an example of muddying things, when Jimmy Dore was saying the republicans have been getting more right wing and she brought up that they have been spending like crazy (presumably ‘like democrats’) and Jimmy said good point.

Well it’s more simple (and Jimmy has laid it out before) the republicans are:

1) pushing as far right as they can on social issues (chipping away at abortion, trying to get constitutional bans on gay marriage),

2) when they clamp down on spending (debt ceiling stunt) they are doing so to cut spending on social programs 3) they will spend heavily on war or in ways that will benefit large influential corporations (e.g. if social programs were privatized to be very inefficient and to create a lot of profit for a private corporation then they would spend government money on it (they will spend on giveaways to corporations e.g. Medicare Part D).

And it’s not a conundrum, if their spending on war (again profitable for large corporations) and gifts to private corporations exceeds their cuts to social programs then they increase the deficit but this is not their concern and is a distraction anyway.

Listener is right. The Republicans have NEVER been the fiscally responsible party; they have always been the party that spends big on War as a wealth transfer scheme.

Duke: thanks for making some great points.

I will look into those books you all recommended and get back to you.

I can say that I have thumbed through “the Righteous Mind” and find it lacking. Does he have an answer to why conservatives generally deny science? Or why they are all for discrimination until history has turned against them?

ITs the cognitive dissonance that I can never understand and is most destructive. I think it is plain old willful ignorance that they embrace over facts and reality because reality is too hard to take.

The GOP only makes sense when you look at them as a cult (which is what they are).

The people who actually run the GOP agenda are amoral, irreligious fascists who want to introduce a neo-feudalist economy to the United States. They want a return to the late 1800s, where they can build factories that pollute without restriction and pay slave wages to laborers without worrying about worker safety.

The GOP base is ignorant, backwards, and religious in the sense that Jesus Christ is their favorite football team.

The people who run the GOP use propaganda and disinformation to hide their corrupt agenda and to manipulate the religious cretins in their base into helping them implement it.

The health care yellings, as David Cross referred to them, were a great example of this. The GOP, representing the interests of private health insurance companies, used Fox News to persuade their idiot followers that this was the worst thing since the end of segregation and that these putzes’ patriotic duty was to go down to the nearest town hall in mobs and disrupt the meetings.

Where the studies on conservatives’ brains comes in is that the GOP knows what their base responds to. They know that these are basically terrified white people who fear change, unfamiliarity, and the color brown. They use Fox News to push all the reactionary buttons in these people, and it almost seems like Pavlovian conditioning at this point. Just look at the comments section for any article linked to by Matt Drudge, or on any of the Fox News blogs.

Wow, so I wasn’t able to listen to your show until today… Suzanne Monk is the very definition of a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. She knows just enough to hurt herself, which is tragic. Anyone who thinks that monopolies exist BECAUSE of government intervention does not understand economics. Anyone who thinks the Tea Party is a manifestation of a “conservative Constitutional movement” doesn’t know what the Tea Party is. Still, there are times when I think Paul Gilmartin couldn’t reason his way out of a closet but I love him so why even bitch… Great show… except for the imam thing. It occurs to me that the Muslims are just like our Christians. We have loving gentle amazing Christians and then we have Pat Robertson. Would have been smarter and funnier if it would have been an actual extremist instead of painting all of Islam as guys with bombs. After the Bible reads like an invitation to violence too and you’ve yet to brand all pastors as Old Testament nuts.

Don: I have to admit I don’t understand your criticism of the Imam bit. The Imam thing was one of my favorite things we’ve ever done on the show, Mike MacRae was Brilliant.

It also occurs to me that Muslims are just like our christians when it comes to blood lust. So how does that equate to it being inappropriate to make fun of Islam & Muslims? I don’t follow at all.

We make fun of religion on just about every show, but somehow its out of line when we make fun of your favorite religion? Sorry, no religion gets a pass on The Jimmy Dore Show, we ridicule and lampoon all of them.

Thanks for the tip on how to make the show “smarter and funnier”, but if we followed your advice, it would dumber and cowardly.

Imam bit was fucking brilliant.