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The Jimmy Dore Show may 25th, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show may 25, 2012

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This Week

Corey Booker: Worlds worst "Team Player".

Cory Booker : With friends like him, who needs enemies? He can’t figure out what the big deal is: All he did was  volunteer to speak as a surrogate for Pres. Obama’s campaign, and when then went on national  tv and said that Pres. Obama campaign makes him puke. What’s that big deal????

Well, Cory Booker calls in to explain that if you believe  what he said on Meet The Press then you are mistaken. What he really meant to say was the opposite of what he actually said on TV. Its kind of like a really complicated form of Pig Latin– just remember that whenever you hear Cory Booker talking on national TV he is really meaning the opposite of whatever he is saying.

Willard “Mitt” Romney doesn’t want to say the name Geroge Bush, or more precisely, “bush”, and instead refers to Geroge W Bush as Obama’s “Predecessor”, and does it in a way that is unwittingly hilarious.

Mr. Hilarious calls in , proposes outlawing rape!

He calls in and proclaims how happy he is that Cory Booker  stuck a knife in the back of the Obama campaign by defending Bain Capitol.

Ron Paul calls in and it just seems that no matter the topic, Ron Paul can’t help but be unwittingly hilarious about it.  This week Ron talks about the MIssissippi

abortion bill that makes abortions financially inaccessible to poor women. And somehow he makes us laugh about it.

With Franck Conniff, Mike MacRae, Paul Gilmartin, Steve Rosenfield, Robert Yasumura

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Love listening to the show every week. Is there any way for you guys to make the sound a bit louder? I work in a kitchen and I listen to all sorts of podcasts at work but yours is the only one I have trouble hearing. just a selfish observation!

HEy Matt,

I will bump up the volume!

Listen each week. But this week could only get 34.01 minutes of show thru your website. Also couldn’t find the link for Amazon. Thanks for what you do. I need the laughs in this political climate.

HEy Gina, I just checked and the show plays all the way through for me on the website. The AMazon link is right under the blue donate/premium button. Thanks for listening!

Thx! Must have been 4:20!

Please reconsider using the term: THE gays. Reminds me of Trump saying,”I have a great relationship with THE Blacks” I’m just sayin…

I provide you something for Paul Gilmartin. Venture Capital is what he was talking about. Private Equity firms are re-branded Leveraged Buyout firms. Venture Capital invests in business and “ventures” their capital on an adventure. Private Equity is a completely different beast.

1. It pools rich guy’s money.
2. It picks fairly HEALTHY companies to take over.
3. PE firms cuts benefits, payrolls, wages & pensions.
4. This creates a profit allows them to get LOANS on “improving” company. They deduct the interest on the loan and bang… more cash.
5. Now comes more piracy. The company issues a special dividend & they pay off the other rich guy investors.
6. They sell a debt laden, demoralized, overworked, under-insured, under-pensioned company to some poor sucker.
7. They make 20% on the sale that they pay 15% taxes on.
8. Everything falls apart. We pay for workers & pensions if the company can’t make it and the bank makes its cash when it gets the asset… the company. OR they are part of the original investors OR they are part of financial instrument that benefits from the company’s demise… the list is almost endless.

Take it easy on Newark,and if you want to get to the bottom of the mayors attitude check out who contributed to his election.

I wish I could remember better where I left off in your podcasts. I am trying to watch all of them up until they break and you can’t listen to them. I love your podcasts and am close to being addicted to them.