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The Jimmy Dore Show may 4, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show may 4, 2012

This Week:

Steve Rosenfield has some tough words about “bullying”: “It gets better, but not much”. It is a hilarious look at bullying that gets the show off to a flying start!

Sean Hannity has some heartfelt advice for people who are going poor and food insecure: “Eat more beans and quit whining”. Of course you know that I’m not kidding. Fox News seems to have an endless supply of millionaires willing to go on T.V. and lecture poor people on how good they have it.

Peace Prize winner Barack Obama & Alfred Nobel

Nobel Peace prize winner Barack Obama is being accused of bragging about killing a guy. No matter, everyone comes to his defense to remind you that putting out a contract hit requires real courage and moral fortitude, even Jesus said so.

Rep. Peter King doesn't only look like the asshole from Tommy Boy

Bill Oreilley and Congressman Peter King agree that torture is totally cool and the courageous thing to do. Bill calls in three time to let us know that yes, Jesus is super pro-torture.

The War on Women is a real thing that is happening in congress and republican controlled  legislatures all across the country.  Mitch McConnel says its not happening and he has four republican women that agree with him. Except they don’t, and then we call Mitch to hear how out of touch he can be. Turns out, bat-shit-crazy-out-of-touch.

With Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Paul Gilmartin, Steve Rosenfield, Robert Yasumura

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Please stop spreading the disinfo story that Obomber killed OBL… IT’S BS!!

For comedians that endlessly bitch and moan about the traditional media, you sure love to believe every word out of their CIA-monitored lips. Paul Gilmartin should be strapped to a chair like in Clockwork Orange and forces to watch “9/11 Missing Links” until he stops being a covert USG/al-CIA-d’oh supporter. THE USG RUNS AL-QAEDA, PAUL! WHEN WILL YOU WAKE UP!!!

Great opening on bullying!

Mike Males has written a great piece on the media and political attention to school bullying I’ll quote a short part of it:

“Why did the president summitize the already media-hyped topic of “bullying” instead of, say, youth poverty, domestic violence against children, and other crucial, ignored epidemics severely affecting young people? Because they’re not popular. Nobody important, least of all the news media, wants to hear about millions of kids living in poverty or beaten and abused in their homes. This president, like previous ones, clearly doesn’t care enough about young people to take risks to raise real and uncomfortable issues on their behalf.

In contrast, the bullying summit offered a safe, media-vetted opportunity for an easy campaign splash. The President and Michelle Obama’s videoed panderings set the tone: Bullying must be discussed only in terms of “how our children treat each other,” grownups must be flattered as moral authorities and rescuers, and officials, panelists, media reporters, and commentators were set up to comfortably cluck tongues at “student bullying” while lavishly praising themselves.

…it will be interesting to see if anyone stood up to challenge the White House, news media, and “experts’” conveniently narrow dogma on bullying… perhaps by saying something like: “Look, Mr. President, your administration’s own agencies document hundreds of thousands of physical, sexual, psychological, and fatal abuses victimizing kids every year—including 100,000 victimizing teens age 12-17—numbers that drastically understate the true levels, nearly all inflicted by grownups. If that’s not bullying, what’s your word for it? How can you soothe the nation by pretending that bullying is just a matter of how ‘our children treat each other’? Mr. President, even if all you want to talk about is “young persons,” didn’t any of your task forces and experts inform you that vicious bullies, chronic victims, and suicidal teens don’t just pop up from nowhere—they’re disproportionately likely to have been violently and psychological abused themselves?” ”

I am NOT saying that it is okay for kids to be bullied by other kids and yes people should be doing something about it but I do agree with Males that it is a politically convenient agenda where the scapegoat is also young people, that are easier to misrepresent, insult and smear.

Jimmy Dore fan:

I agree, and said so when I hosted “The Point” for The Young Turks.

Focusing on bullying is a convenient way to feel good while ignoring the real sickness in our society.

We pay cops to assault, pepper spay, and brutalize peaceful protestors, we start illegal wars and invade other countries for lies and then torture their people. And we think the problem in society is Bulling?

Bullying is one more symptom of the sickness in our society.

“Bullying is one more symptom of the sickness in our society.”

Well said.

I need to remember to try to watch your episodes of The Point!

Damn It, Jimmy! I love this show. I know you’re bustin’ your ass to get it done every week, and you do such a good job, and all for free. I’m greedy, I know. Is there any way to get more of it? If not another day each week, maybe an after dark special, where it’s not meant for all ages, and you guys hold nothing back, maybe some of you are high. If that was at least 2 hours, I’d pay $9.99 for that on Itunes. Just throwing it out there. Great show.

John, I like your idea. Sounds great. I need just need to get an assistant and then we can provide one show a week for free, and one extra show a week for people like you who are willing to support the show they like.

I am on it.

I know you hate Chris Matthews, but his and Barney Frank’s takedown of Tony Perkins yesterday was pretty sweet.

I saw that too, I wonder why Mathews finally decided to act like a reporter when interviewing Perkins yesterday, but glad he did anyway.