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The Jimmy Dore Show oct. 5th, 2011

The Jimmy Dore Show oct. 5, 2011

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Jay Tomlinson did such a better job making the point about the Pat Robertson segment that I tried and failed to make about last week’s show, regarding Obama’s speech to the Congressional Black Caucus. Attacking Obama for some poorly chosen words in an out-of-context clip does nothing but lessen the credibiliity of your much more valid crtitcisms. I don’t mean to harp on this. I realize that there need to be more people holding Obama’s feet to the fire rather than defending him. But thank you for including the Jay Tomlinson clip this week since I felt bad about failing to get my point across in last week’s comments, and just coming across like a naive Obama cheerleader.

Jon, I appreciate your comments and criticisms, and want you to know that I don’t dismiss what you or Jay are saying and give it thoughtful consideration.

And after that I still have to disagree with you on the Obama comments as well keeping my disagreement with Jay about Pat Robertson. I agree that you both have valid points to consider, in the end Obama is a tool of wall street and nothing can change that.

And Pat Robertson’s advice to the guy married to the alzheimers victim revealed him to be a COMPLETE FRUAD. And that was the real point I was making, and it is very accurate. I probably did a poor job of making that point, and I understand the criticism that I am ridiculing robertson even when he says something correct. I think in that instance it is how you look at it.

I think I am holding robertson his own publicly preached standards, Jay thinks I am putting him in a box where he cant win.

Thanks for listening and for caring enough to comment!

Ancient astronaut theory mentioned? Hard to believe. 2500 years ago the Druids building Stonehenge, the Egyptians building the Pyramids, the people in South America building (take your pick) how about Puma Punku, and the people one Easter Island needed a rope strong enough to pull or lift nine ton or more stones they could not find one locally. They just pulled out their smart phones, did an Internet search, and had Fed Ex deliver the rope and needed equipment the next day.

Jimmy, I think you were completely right about both the Obama CBC speech and the Pat Robertson criticism. And thank you for standing up to the lily-livered Jay Tomlinson (who, by the way, produces virtually zero of his own content, has volunteers compile clips, and then has the audacity to solicit donations).

Jay is completely wrong about being the gentleman in these kinds of arguments. It really doesn’t do anyone any good to give good old Pat a slap on the back when he finally does something that isn’t sociopathic after years of sociopathic preaching. The Right doesn’t take this approach, and that’s why they win – they don’t equivocate and give up ground to the enemy.

I give up. I’m white, and I’m just going to capitulate and claim myself as a racist. There’s simply nothing I can do prove my innocence, so I might as well cop up to it and act racist, since I’m always going to be perceived as one.

Tomlinson is an idiot. He clearly was not listening to what was said. There is NO WAY anyone who did listen could suggest that you and panal supported marriage. SHAME ON TOMLINSON. Worse for him, he is advocating giving a hypocrite who has done immeasurable damage to this country just because he revealed his own hypocrisy. This kind of thinking is the reason that people think progressives are weak and/or dishonest. HORAY for Jimmy and the panal for condemning Robertson.

I appreciate your support, but let me say a few words to defend my pal Jay. I understand his point of view, it is a valid one, and I am glad he shared it with me because if a smart guy like Jay felt a certain way then I am sure that lots of others did too.

And I love his show I think he does a great job making a cohesive and entertaining show out of so many different clips, it is truly greater than the sum of its parts. I am always thrilled to be included on the show!