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The Jimmy Dore Show PODAST january 13, 2017



More Stuff Happened & We Make fun Of It!

-Offended Listener, Obama, & Putin Call In!

-Jimmy Had the Flu

-Trump Water Sports

-Russia Hysteria

-Media Malpractice

***Rachel Maddow Disappointed By Journalism!!!***

-TV Anchor Resolutions

-Jane Fonda understands Justin Trudeau

-Glenn Greenwald Teaches Journalism 101

-Governor Cuomo Shafts the Poor

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Putin asked me for your number, I couldn’t refuse, you must understand. I didn’t think he would actually call you.

That’s a fake interview! Putin loves dogs.
Btw. it was Siberian weasels.

Commented on your little Harrison Ford video. If you have something to say call me. I gave you wrong number. 602-585-4371.

Other than that. Don’t care for the idiocy of that bit and how tasteless it was. You can read my comments on the Harrison Ford video, under, Otherside Isn’t Coming Back.

Besides that,
If you want to be moral, decent, and progressive. Please, do a video about mental health in this country and how dismal it is. This is a topic that affects millions of people who either end up in prison or an institution. You know this. McRae, good job on not being funny.

January 20, 2017: from Obama nation to ABOMINATION

Love ya Jimmy

That Aristocrats joke at the start was awesome. Good job, Jimmy Dore and crew.

“Do not freak out”,
Please take your own advice,
and read:

Will Trump turn to Putin, for whom he professes so much admiration, as a role model as he re-works the U.S. healthcare system? Wednesday, economist Max Sawicky, published a piece in The Baffler asserting that Trump’s entanglement with Russia will pull the United States even further away from providing basic welfare. “[T]oday,” he wrote, “kleptocratic, capitalist Russia is among the moneyed interests in the world. It’s tempting but simplistic to see Russian leaders as a fairly narrow species of nationalist interlopers in U.S. domestic politics. More to the point, they are allied with germinating, reactionary forces internationally, if only lately inside the United States.”
1. Russia is a new, obnoxious, right-wing participant in domestic U.S. politics, devoted at once to propping up Trump and to dividing his opposition. One form this division takes is support for forces and voices that refuse to distinguish between policies of the two major parties. We have always had such viewpoints, and I’ve been guilty of purveying them myself. Hell, I voted Nader in ’96 and ’00. I can’t attack someone for maintaining that both parties stink and we need a third alternative. But in this case, I do think it’s a mistake. More important, it’s horribly misguided to contend that a Clinton administration would have been just as bad as the incoming one. We can agree to disagree on political strategy, but we ought to agree that opposing Trump & Co. is the priority now.

2. Russia supports rightist formations in other countries. International solidarity, including with immigrants, women, and gays, demands opposition, not least to any Trump administration collaboration with such reactionary forces.

3. Pointing out Trump’s Russophilia and the kleptocratic ties between Trump, his supporters, and Russian oligarchs is a costless way to undercut Trump’s ability to do us harm. Of course, the Clinton people do it to wretched excess, when they are not digging up Keith Ellison’s old traffic tickets or accusing Glenn Greenwald of being a veritable KGB agent, but that’s their problem.

The Clinton/Obama wing of the Democratic Party lives on and has proven its incapacity to deal with the threat posed by the GOP and the Trump movement. In Europe, social-democratic parties are floundering in the face of anti-immigrant politics. In our rigged political system, there is no viable substitute for operating within the constraints of two-party competition. Now, as Michael Walzer asserts, we need to join the center in resisting the right. Does anybody think the Sanders movement in the current constellation of left groups could go it alone?

We also need progressive mobilization founded on programmatically oriented criticism of the Democratic establishment as well as of Republican attacks on the welfare state. So I am not suggesting we temporize on criticism of centrist neo-liberalism on the level of program; quite the contrary.

The U.S. welfare/regulatory state with all its flaws contains many seeds for a better system. Trump, with an assist from a cavalcade of shady backers, including Putin’s Russian oligarchy, threatens to uproot these seeds. It’s possible to exaggerate Putin’s role, but it would be wrong to discount it altogether. Any complete survey of the forces colluding against progressive goals must now include the Russian state.

Thank you all for the excellent comedy bits! The Harrison Ford calls are hilarious, and so are all the offended listeners who have reached out to you on youtube. Those of us without real childhoods or parents often take great comfort from the endorphins that laughter releases.

Jim Earl’s Jan 10 tweets were where most of Putin’s PissGate gags originated, but you forgot to credit him.

Love you guys, and the comedy.

It’s funny when it is funny. Not about being offensive. It wasn’t funny, which made it somewhat cringey. So, If you want to say someone is like that without acknowledging their opinion, then what are you?

Someone trying to censor opinion.

I could come up with tons of jokes that aren’t as bad as what was in that video. I’m sorry if this makes u feel superior, It just wasn’t funny.

You are entitled to your OPINION, as am I.
Communicating in complete sentences is what makes me superior. Sorry you got so “triggered”. Comedy isn’t for everybody…

Obviously, I meant obama PissGate gags, not putin. I somehow confused a right wing strong-man with a right wing uncle tom. How could that have happened?

If there is anything that reveals the emptiness of someones thinking more than not getting comedy and then being obnoxiously loud about, then I’d like to see it.

Here is a comment from the youtube video that perfectly explains why those people are obnoxious morons, and perfectly puts them in their place.

seanek92 days ago
If you’re getting offended on behalf of a woman who decided her ashes should be placed in a giant Prozac pill, then you should know that…………………………………………..Carrie Fisher would have fucking hated you!

Yes, Carrie Fisher was an actual artist who understood art, not a professional offended machine who moronically wet blankets comedy from an anti artistic place, and yes Carrie would’ve fucking hated you.

Will someone tell me how to retrieve my password? New member here. Thanks.

DONALD TRUMP (aka “BOBO THE CLOWN”) is encouraging his Harley riding supporters to “protect him” from protesters during the upcoming inauguration.

Bald TODAY SHOW UberDouche MATT LAUER and “journalist” PETER ALEXANDER knowingly smile in response. #UberDouche #WhatPasses4Journalism

Ever wonder why DONALD “Grab ‘Em By The Pussy” TRUMP knows so much about HIDDEN CAMERAS in HOTEL ROOMS?

Hmmm. Wait, it’s coming to me. Wait. Wait.


And, now he’ll get to run our SURVEILLANCE STATE.

We’re turning into goddamn NORTH KOREA.

Sorry, last one. Okay, so apparently “he who shall not be named” owes $350 MILLION to RUSSIAN OLIGARCHS, $350 MILLION to WALLSTREET, and like $650 MILLION to the COMMUNIST CHINESE. Well, …. I feel safe.

He’s at least $1.8 BILLION in debt. And now, 5 PEOPLE with ties to GOLDMAN SACHS will likely be in his cabinet. And, TRUMP will work something out with the CHINESE. (WINK! WINK!)

And, he’s basically said that he thinks the UNITED NATIONS is useless and that he won’t defend NATO COUNTRIES who haven’t coughed up enough cash.

Meanwhile, POOTY POOT POOT has openly stated that he wants to rebuild the SOVIET UNION. “My, what a coincidence.” (MURIEL’S WEDDING movie reference)

No wonder they were cheering in the KREMLIN when DONNY DAY-GLO won.

P.S. Melania was a dude. #MelaniaWasADude (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, because there isn’t.)

Amazingly, NBC swapped out the original version of the news story found at the TODAY SHOW link above. I know because I watched it 5 TIMES before leaving my comments.

In the original version, TRUMP talked about how “‘safe’ the room is” and then mentions seeing an aerial shot of his many, many Harley riding supporters coming in to “protect him” during the inauguration.

If my memory serves me, this is at the same time that he mentions the protestors.

The ending of the news story is still there. ALEXANDER repeats TRUMP praising his Harley riding supporters and how “rough” they are.

Knowing smiles appearing on the faces of both millionaire newswhores, LAUER and ALEXANDER. #NewsWhores

You responding to me? That is not at all what is considered offensive, I think it was amazing that it happened.

Oh Okay. Just watched that video. My point was, you can make so many great jokes out of what her life was and not make it about sex with harrison ford? Sorry, But Not funny. Does that clarify it for you? This is one persons opinion, I don’t give a shit about what other people were saying. I don’t need a safe space. LOL. Would’ve been better with Rip Torn. Bring Rip Torn back….

Hi, if you meant me, then I’m not responding to anybody (but the voices in my head). Just trying to contribute and cope like most people.

Anyway, if TRUMP’s debt to the CHINESE doesn’t “magically” disappear, then his opposition to the TPP probably will.

And, if TRUMP were to permanently reject the DAPL pipeline, then the CHINESE might have to buy their OIL from RUSSIA. So, WIN-WIN.


P.S. I actually saw TRUMP cheerfully describing his many “rough” Harley riding supporters (that he clamed were coming in to “protect” him) in an AP news story I saw just before the one found at the link above.

Same event (and most of the same dialogue) but NBC left the original dog whistle message (and the part about the aerial highway footage) out of their news story. It was a little too obvious I guess.

okay. you obviously are as thin skinned as trump if this is what pisses you off.

I guess this would be the “pretentious” critic in me. Not some sjw pc crap. Once again, it is one opinion. When most people are asking why are those videos even on your channel? I am saying, I didn’t find that one funny. With the material to work from, I know Jim Earl could make something way better because I’ve heard it before and never understood why people criticized the videos before. Taking aggressive to another level and insulting your audience for just having a different sense of humor. Okay, I get it.

Mmmm, did someone say PROZAC?

Pass that shit around.

Okay, not really.

Wasn’t responding to you Andrew. But, If you want me to, I will. No, I don’t take pills and I don’t care for your insults.

I love your Harrison Ford and Offended Listener (especially when he was Hillary Supporter in a previous life*) calls, but I don’t think it’s in good taste to make jokes about Carrie Fisher’s tragic demise (which apparently caused the demise of her mother shortly thereafter), especially so soon. If anything, I think you should ridicule Star Wars fans, who in my opinion, are irrational, hateful spoiled “children” (e.g., saying dehumanizing things about George Lucas for “raping their childhood fantasies”) and hypocritical. (That would take a whole other paragraph to elaborate on, but I think there’s a wealth of untapped comedy there. The outrageous absurdities are out there in plain sight, but no one’s had the audacity to point them out.)

IMO, Fisher deserves praise and reverence for her attempts to destigmatize “mental illness.” Yes, thanks to characters like Princess Leia, women, like men, can now be action heroes–and thus be targeted by Military recruiters–but her aforementioned work vis-a-vis mental health is something our mentally-ill society needs, and her endeavors deserves more recognition. Why not play excerpts of her recent comedy show on mental health on your program?

*I actually compiled all the Hillary Supporter calls onto an audio cassette and mailed it to a relative whose internet and radio access is very very limited due to their remote location, so they could hear them.

Thanks for not understanding anything that I said and going straight to the I’m a comedian and we piss people off sometimes approach. You know what I told you and I’d expect more from a person who is listened to by thousands of people. Not on this page but on your youtube. I really didn’t expect this. Not that I want you to change your mind, that I’d rather have a conversation. I forgot you are popular and don’t have time for this stuff. I was talking to you like I’d talk to a friend. Not as some hateful listener.

In the end, none of it really matters. Just for one thing, which I said to you.

Charlie, the PROZAC reference was in response to what Jimmy wrote.

I do have a SHIT LIST, but you aren’t on it. And, it wouldn’t really matter if you were, now would it?

This was all some kind of “WHO’S ON FIRST” crossed signals Mind Enema acid trip.


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