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The Jimmy Dore Show Podcast 11-9-12

The Jimmy Dore Show Nov 9, 2012

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:06 Steve Rosenfield reflects on the election

4:10 Tom Brokaw gave his prediction, and it was predictably ridiculous.

5:00 Dick Morriss predicts Ronmey Landslide with data from “secret polling organization”.

6:20 Larry Kudlow predicts Romney 332 Electoral Votes!  He has a top financial  show on CNBC, kinda  easy to see how the banks crashed the economy without a warning.

6:43 Rush Limbaugh admits to regularly bullshiting his audience.

11:32: Ann Coulter  invents another alternative reality about the Romney Campaign being “magnificent”, and Laura Ingrahm talks back down over to earth.

20:57 Bill Orielly tells us that Romney lost because  America is now 51% takers that just want the government to “give them stuff”, and laments the end of the White Dominance.

23:25 Karl Rove freaks out and gets angry that Obama accurately described Mitt Romney during the election, and he is angry that  people who voted for Obama felt like they could relate to him.

24:40 Haley Barber talks funny and whines about the election results.

25:57 HALEY BARBER calls in!
do my essay

31:31 Jim Earl reads from hi new book “Mourning Remembrance”, funny obituaries of actual dead people.

33:30 Big Government/Small Government  DOes it mean anything?

36:50 Michael Steele tells us what the problem with the GOP is, not enough White guys!

37:14 Bill Oreilly tells us how the GOP should try to  attract Latino's

38:03  MOre bad news for the GOP from Fox News

40:06 Meghan Kelly asks “why should republicans change their message? (she's dumb).

41:22 Mitt Romney calls in to tell what his plans are.

46:23 Right wIng crack-pot talk-show host Mark Levin not handling the election results well.

51:25: More bad news from Charles Krauthiemer

52:27 Michelle Bachman gets laughed at in public.

53:29 Tom Brokaw in Studio!

Mike MacRae performed  the voice of MItt Romney in a sketch written by Robert Yasumura

Ben Zelevansky performed the voice of Tom Brokaw in a sketch written by  Frank Conniff,


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The episode was great and hilarious, but when you played the craa-zy Mark Levin loonrant, why didn’t you pair that with Fredo’s classic “I want respeck!” cry from “the Godfather”?