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The Jimmy Dore Show podcast 3-15-13

More Stuff Happened and We Make Fun Of It! 


The Jimmy Dore Show march 15, 2013
With Frank Conniff, Jim Earl, MIke MacRae, Robert Yasumura, Steve Rosenfield

Originating from KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, The Jimmy Dore Show is an irreverent and humorous take on today’s headlines and hypocrites. The program skewers politicians as well as the corporate mouthpieces which make up today’s mainstream “news media.” Each and every week, The Jimmy Dore Show provides the unvarnished truth with a twist of funny.

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I’m sure Chris Mathhews would like the new Pope even if there was a picture of him with Kim Jong Un. Personally, as an atheist, the media frenzy surrounding the Pope seems ridiculous. To me he’s just an old dude who wears funny hats and farts on an expensive chair. Maybe if he gets evangelical Christians to start living in this century, I might start paying attention.

Also, they should rename The Blaze “The Paranoid Redneck Channel,” or PRC for short. When he talked about Obama opening up the prisons, I imagined a big red button in the oval office labeled “open prisons.” Glenn Beck probably sees the whole world like this.

As far as the Hitler controversy is concerned. You both are right, in a sense (and both wrong in a sense).

After receiving app. 44% of the vote (which, while not a plurality of votes was quite a few when you consider that the ballot listed some 20 other political parties), Hitler was APPOINTED by President Paul von Hindenburg to be Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

So he was democratically elected in the sense that his appointment was consistent with the law and that the Nazi party received more votes than any other.

He was NOT democratically elected if you define that strictly as having received a majority of votes (i.e. over 50 percent of the vote).

I hope this helps.


Charles Hammond, Jr., PhD
Associate Professor of German
University of Tennessee at Martin

P.S. – You have the best show on earth, Jimmy Dore!!!

Sorry to do this in the comments, but I can’t see any other way to contact you. I am a monthly donor through paypal. Where do I get my password for the premium content?

HI John G, if you send me an email @ I will set you up!

So Patwah Robertson “believes God works through…B-P Mysterious ain’t it?

You know back on the Pampas, the Pope’s amigos call him Pancho…

As Benny Ratz says…If the Red Shoes fit…you must quit! I read it in his Red Shoes Diary.

And the Nazis built the autobahn…

Silence=Death…in Argentina too. also.

Nixon, the 1st Dick is “real” dead…

I’ve been thinking about the portion of your show about Medicare, and I’ve figured out something:

The fact that we can fix Medicare and make it more effective and our politicians won’t even consider it an option makes me think that their end-game is to make the movie “Soylent Green” a reality. That’s the only reason they could be this horrible at their job. They want to take the sick and dying, and turn them into food for poor people.

RE The Catholic Church

Robert is way off on the church, it is true that the church gives some money to the poor (money it gets, by the way, FROM THE POOR) but the whole purpose of the church is to keep the poor in poverty by convincing them they shall have pie in the sky when they die, so they need not resist the wicked overlords here on earth. The church is a fundamentally evil organization even WITHOUT the child molesting.

RE Hitler

The poster above is wrong, and Steve (I think it was Steve) was right that Hitler was NOT DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED. Germany had a parliamentary system and the Chancellor was the head of government, the chancellor was elected by members of the Reichstag (which was the German parliament). The chancellor was meant to be responsible to the members of parliament in much the same way as in the British system. In addition, they had a head of state (The President) elected directly by the people. Under emergency circumstances (poorly defined in the constitution) the President had the power to APPOINT a chancellor. The President during the Depression, Hindenburg, abused this power. He appointed three chancellors who had no real support in parliament before Hitler (Bunning, Papen and Schleicher. This was a blatant usurpation of the democratic system and flagrant abuse of power. It also caused huge dysfunctions within the system as the parliaments were unhappy with the chancellors and the chancellor’s with the parliaments, and they people lost faith in the system. As the crisis got worse because of deadlocked government (starting to sound familiar yet?) elections began to be dominated by the far left and the far right. Frightened that the communists would come to power, Hindenburg, under the influence of the big industrialists appointed Hitler chancellor of Germany. It is true that the Nazi had a large base of support, although they had actually LOST support in the election just preceding the appointment. There is no way that any honest person could suggest the process was legal, much less democratic. Go Steve for knowing this. The election that the poster above references was an election after Hitler was appointed chancellor, during which the communist party was outlawed and the Nazis used terror tactics to depress the votes of their enemies (as an example, they arrested the communist deputies and sent them to concentration camps).

As to the strong arm tactics Steve mentioned, he is thinking of the passage of the enabling act, which gave Hitler dictatorial powers in Germany. This was passed latterly under the guns of the Brownshirts, but this was granting Hitler further powers, not making him chancellor, he was already chancellor when the act was passed.

The show was, as ever, brilliant, but I miss Paul.


Hello Jimmy, I am not very willing to sign up for PayPal but I’m willing to send the 5€ a month (approx. 6,5$), is it possible to send it through some other channels? One thing I’d like to note is that German chanselors weren’t elected anyways, they were appointed by the Reichspresident Paul von Hindenburg. Even today in most countries the ministers (secretaries in USA) aren’t elected. I actually doubt that the ministers are elected in any country but I admit that I don’t know…

I have been sick recently. I haven’t gotten anything in my email about the password. I am a member and stuff please help.

lofl this was so funny. I can’t believe I wasn’t able to watch this sooner. I should probably be watching youtube over this. I can’t wait until you send me the password in my email. Thank you for the podcast.

I usually love the show and thinks it’s both hilarious and alarming to hear what crazy conservatives come up with. I did, however, take issue with how the discussion concerning the Catholic Church degenerated into a shouting match, where everyone was interrupting everyone else to the point of screeching. It was incredibly frustrating to listen to everyone sound like, well, Rush Limbaugh(bleagh!).

I agree with what both Jimmy and Robert said about the Catholic Church. While Jimmy is right and all those involved should at least be charged with being accessories, Robert is also right in that everything isn’t quite as simple as Jimmy makes it out to be. Well for those who are just members of the church, it is (or it should be), but not for those who WORK for the church. Ideally, all those priests, nuns, and laypeople should just up and leave. But the reality way more stark.

Let me put it this way: Wall Street banks suck. What the banks and their upper management have done is inexcusable and many should have been charged with crimes and arrested. All the government has managed, if even that, is a few B-level people. On principle, people should be pulling their money out and going to credit unions. But what about the people working in the local level banks? It’s not like they can quit and find another job so easily, especially now. But on principle, because of what the institution has done and continues to do, they should all just quit. Considering that it’s their living that they’re putting on the line, it’s a little more difficult to make that judgement call.

How much more for priests and nuns whose lives are caught up in the Church? At least with the banks, the people leaving have some skills that can transfer over. Priests and nuns have a much more limited skill set that doesn’t transfer over as well when it comes to making a living. And with the rather insular communities they live in, it makes it harder to leave, even when some of their “brothers” are dirty bastards.

So in principle, it should be as Jimmy says. But while pushing for that principle, especially among those that can walk away more easily, he should also acknowledge that Robert is also right, that not all priests are assholes, and not all can just walk away for whatever reasons they may have.

Orange – nothing of what you said contradicts what I said. Hitler was legally elected. It was up to the President to determine what constituted – as you yourself admit – “emergency conditions.” Once he determines that condition exists – and Weimar Germany in 1932 could certainly be called in an emergency condition, with unprecedented inflation and running street battles between WWI veterans – he was LEGALLY allowed, by the Constitution, to appoint a Chancellor – something else you admit.

Yet, you state that the President “abused” the power GRANTED TO HIM BY THE CONSTITUTION. That is a matter of opinion. Of course, I wish he had chosen someone other than Hitler (if anyone at all). But the Nazi Party *did* receive the most votes and Weimar Germany *did* find itself in a state of deep crisis at the time.

So basically I agree with everything you said except a) that Hindenburg “abused” the power legally granted to him under the Constition and b) that Hitler was not democratically elected. Nothing about how he came to power (i.e. appointed by Hindenburg) contravened the Constitution.

Emergencies do not last forever, you can’t simply appoint one Chancellor after another and claim that elections matter, and Hitler was never elected to anything. So you are not simply wrong, you are demonstrably wrong.