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The JImmy Dore SHow podcast 3-22-13

More Stuff happened and we make fun of it!

The Jimmy Dore Show march 22, 2013



Originating from KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, The Jimmy Dore Show is an irreverent and humorous take on today’s headlines and hypocrites. The program skewers politicians as well as the corporate mouthpieces which make up today’s mainstream “news media.” Each and every week, The Jimmy Dore Show provides the unvarnished truth with a twist of funny.

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fucking PERFECT, Jimmy. I loved the Netanyahu bit. It perfectly walked the line to keep the pro-israel moralists from calling you an anti-semite, without dismissing the Palestinian perspective. Who wrote that one?

“We’re the good guy. Israel’s the good guy.”


I love this show.

I never got the password in my email and protected doesn’t seem to be working. I have been sick for about a week so I haven’t been on this website at all. I haven’t gotten to listen to the new podcast yet but am going to soon. I just like to always have the protected stuff unprotected.

Jimmy Bean!!!

Son of a bitch good show!

Here is Ben Shapiro doing some good. Calling out the fraud Piers Morgan. Calls him out for being a bully and points out that Piers is standing on the graves of children for ratings. I think he should have went further an pointed out that if the Shandy Hook tragedy happened in the UK, Piers would have hacked the phones of the victims for the profits of the Murdoch empire.

Plus I liked how Ben Shapiro kept pressing the question of “why not ban hand guns?” They really seem to be a bigger problem. If the real reason for the hype is to stop gun violence, hand guns is where to start.

Not that I’m a fan of Shapiro, but when you and Ben Mankiewicz were making fun of Shapiro I kept thinking of this video.

Thanks for all your hard work.


i paid for the 5 dollar using membership if you need to know the email I used for the membership I can always let you know that.

JOhn G: Glad you liked, and I agree with your review 100%

Kazooga: Sent you your passcode today, enjoy!

David: Ben Shapiro is a tool, 100% top to bottom, empty hate monger and professional liar. You usually have better feel for those types. Making Peirs MOrgan look like an idiot is not a hard task. .

Yep, all true. I think maybe my mental list of lying hatemongering tools is full. Ill have to kick out the rest of my spelling to make room.

Speaking of tools, it seems to me that you never go after Peirs or Bill Maher. To me they just seem to be noticeable absent in your shows. They are both somewhat left and totally off the mark. Not that I’m asking you to include them. I wouldn’t give either of these fuckers more attention than they already don’t deserve. I’d just that I’d like to hear an intelligent summation of whats wrong with them. It would be a pleasant change from the racist slurs my mom and I string together.

I find it incredibly obnoxious that that clown Peirs has escaped any public backlash for his roll in hacking the phones of murdered children. You know the story. Hacks the phones of missing children. He then deletes some messages because the phone was full and he wanted to collect more messages. The parents realize messages were deleted. That gave them false hope and influenced the investigation. And now he represents the closest thing that cnn has to a left opinion. It also pisses me off that his interview with Alex Jones made him look like a hero. Even your show seemed to ignored him because Jones looked so bad. But If you watch Peirs often, Jones handled that interview pretty well. Peirs never lets his guests speak. So Alex Jones went in there to give him a taste of his own medicine. Peirs never got a word in. It was beautiful. Another thing that peirs does in every single interview is ask these stupid factoid questions. Jones was right to call him out on it. For example: Jimmy you’re a comedian, tell me how many comedians killed themselves with a hand gun last year on a Wednesday? Fuck him. It would be so nice to see that shit get whats coming to him. This feeling is probably the key to his fame. Anyway, I still say the empty tool Shapiro brought up two good points. 1) morgan is standing on the graves of children for ratings, and B) a ban on hand guns seems like a more reasonable approach since that is the cause of most gun violence. (I couldn’t find a link to support B). O.K. maybe its not true. Maybe you are right. Maybe my hatred for Peirs is clouding my judgment of Shapiro, not that I am or ever was pro-Shapiro. Lets just say that if this is the first time somebody ever said something wrong on the internet, I’m sorry.)

How about Bill Maher then? Every Saturday I feel obligated to watch Real Time with Bill Maher to catch up on the pro-war lies from the left. It wouldn’t be such chore if he would just insert some comedy. I cant stand this guy. I’ve never seen someone go so far to not get it. He did a whole movie on the stupidity of religion, but is in full support of Israel stealing the land and committing genocide on Palestinians based on the word of the jewish sky god. A propagandist wrapped up in failed comedy from the left, you should be all over this guy. If you did it would make watching that show a little easier knowing you would tear it apart later.

Dammit Jimmy! You are doing some good work. My constant complaint is that I want more.

Frum da la bum bum …

Jimmy Dore, Im your No1 fan, and not in a freaky way. How come you so rarely on TYT, Jimmy? I want more of you, Jimmy, and not in a sick way

David, I don’t watch Bill Maher or Peirs morgan much, which is they don’t end up on my show very often.

Valgehiir: I love hosting the TYT main show, but I also have my own show on the TYTComedy channel, so please subscribe to that.

The March 22 show was brilliant, funny and informative.
Great job, Jimmy!! I am a progressive who appreciates
hearing another progressive, such as yourself, calling out
media progressives when they cop-out on their views or don’t cover some of the underlying hard-core controversial issues that may threaten their image. Your schtick on the Catholic hierarchy, for example, was terrific and so was the part on Chris Matthews. And thank you for calling truth to power regarding Cheney and the War on Iraq. This was the
best hour of satirical comedy I’ve ever heard.

Elliott, thanks for the compliments on the show, you really have great taste! Chris Matthews wants to know if you love this country or not.

The netanyahu bit has been my favorite since I started listening. It’s the reason I subscribed.