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Originating from KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, The Jimmy Dore Show is an irreverent and humorous take on today’s headlines and hypocrites. The program skewers politicians as well as the corporate mouthpieces which make up today’s mainstream “news media.” Each and every week, The Jimmy Dore Show provides the unvarnished truth with a twist of funny.

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Not very user friendly… my password has never worked for the premium I signed up for and I see no way to reset it !

Why it isn’t possible to pay on a bank account to become a premium member. I hate to pay through Paypal, Visa and all those shit.

Jimmy, That Nic Smith dude is WOKE! You NEED to make him more of a regular on the show. That guy has a perspective and view that NEEDS to be shared as much as possible.

Also, as far as Southerners and socialism: never forget that the largest labor uprising in American history, The Battle of Blair Mountain, was started by a bunch of Coal miners from West Virginia.

Who is Jimmy Dore?

I can’t believe both Mitt AND Harrison Ford were sick! That flu is going around!

HI Cindy,

I;m sorry you are having problems accessing the premium, if you send an email to we will help you asap.

We are moving to a new premium platform by the end of this month, my apologies for any problems that our current system is causing. And most of all, Thanks For Your Support!

Jimmy Dore is great and everything, but his comedy gives me a serious stomach ulcer. Won’t quit paying for the content, however. Love the show. ~Karl

Jimmy. Hope you’re feeling better champ!

Something wrong with website. Cant login. No spacer come up to
Put password

Love the show, Jimmy! Don’t let the trolls beat you down.

Listening to 1-9-2017 premium. I am so glad that you talked to Cenk and he told you that wasn’t the fucking flu. You have to be a fucking moron to ever get the flu shot. The flu doesn’t exist I have been telling you that for years. Probably about 10 years now. I am really happy that you finally learnt how to do research but for all you know it could have been Dengue or the thing like it. The flu is what doctors use when they don’t want to use their jobs. Also don’t you remember back to 2009ish 2010ish back when you got the flu shot that fucked up your arm. NPR was contradicting itself about the flu shot. They claimed the flu wasn’t around yet so you needed to get the flu shot. 2 mins later they said the flu is around so it’s time for the flu shot.

Now it is proven in the winter our immune system is the highest and working the best. The logic states if the flu existed we would get it in the summer time. That is why if you listen to the bullshit about the flu they are trying to claim it is an all year around thing. In fact it seems like they are trying to switch it from killing us in the winter to the summer. A lot of people don’t keep up with this bullshit, but since I was a young bab about the age of 7 I knew the flu didn’t exist.

I remember wishing I got to you sooner to tell you don’t get any of those flu shot things because they are all lies. That’s why there is that conspiracy theory about how it’s the flu shots that put government chips into peoples bodies. David Pakman interviewed some loon who actually believed that. It ended up being a funny interview but more factual then David telling people to get the flu shot. That’s how fucked up America is it’s the only country that pushes it for the most part.

I would love for you to find that old NPR story where they contradicted themselves. Then find the new shit they are claiming about the so called flu and how it doesn’t add up. If you ever get the flu shot of any kind I won’t let you live it down. I am just happy that you aren’t like David Pakman trying to push the flu shot. Even if you did have to have your stupidity hurt you first.

You get a shitload of credit for doing research now. I love that you have proven the flu doesn’t actually exist. I stopped trying to find info that the flu doesn’t exist for years. I never could find any info that you did. I know I never had the flu. I probably got told it was but my immune system is so strong it was actually sleep deprivation. That is the only time I get sick for the most part. I remember being sick when I was a very young bab at 3 or 4 years old but I don’t even think that was the flu. It didn’t last very long but no illness did with me. When I was 7 I got sick once in school. I didn’t want to eat. It lasted 1 hour because when I got home an hour later I wanted to eat. I was feeling a lot better. My mom claimed that was the flu or something stupid like that. Any unknown illness equates to the flu so nobody has to do work.

I love you Jimmy. If you ever do anything stupid like get the flu shot I will kick your ass. Even if it’s just in the comment section. I love how you do less stupid things and more research. If you were really smart you would look up what other illnesses have gotten passed off as the flu. Dengue is a common one (I don’t know what states you can get that in other then Hawaii). Allie Wes CTFxC had that before. I know there are others like it. If the weather gets randomly cold in hot places new stuff can come that isn’t the flu. That is what happened to you. That illness hit Florida and Cali. It was when the weather in both of those places were seasonably cold so that could have brought new misquotes or something to those places. Maybe some other bugs. That would actually be interesting to find out what really happened to you, Alli Speed, and everybody at TYT.

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