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The Jimmy Dore Show podcast august 30, 2013

The Jimmy Dore Show 8-23- 2013
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More Stuff Happened, We Make Fun Of It!

John Kerry ignores the war crimes of the U.S. and gets really upset about Chemical weapons in Syria, Colon Powell can't spot racism on a slave ship, plus phone calls from Herman Cain and Pres. Obama.

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With Marc Unger, Mike MacRae, Steve Rosenfield, Stef Zamorano, Jim Earl, Paul Kozlowski 


Originating from KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, The Jimmy Dore Show is an irreverent and humorous take on today’s headlines and hypocrites. The program skewers politicians as well as the corporate mouthpieces which make up today’s mainstream “news media.” Each and every week, The Jimmy Dore Show provides the unvarnished truth with a twist of funny.

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Was Marc Unger doing a character when he said he supported drones? Was he actually serious when he said collateral damage is ok, because it’s war? Does he not understand that this war has no end, no declared battlefield, and that makes anyone and everyone a potential target or collateral damage?

Abdulrahman Anwar al-Awlaki was a 16 year old American teenager who was having a picnic and kicking a soccer ball with his cousins in Yemen when a drone killed him for no reason. He was killed, because of who his father was, an American kid. Is that all part of Marc Unger’s acceptable losses? Is everyone allowed, so long as we’re told it protects us?

And then, of course, there’s the fact that it doesn’t protect us. When you kill people with death robots from the sky, they tend to get angry with you. As Jimmy rightly said, “if some country killed my whole family, I’d want to kill people from that country”. And that’s exactly how everyone feels. Despite the ease in which you can convince Americans otherwise, these are human beings with lives and people they care about just as much as any other human being.

Most of these deaths have been done not based on evidence, but based on “signature strikes” where the “signature” seems to be any male 15 to 100 who lives anywhere in the always expanding military zones. They watch one guy, then everyone he’s ever talked to in person, online or on the phone, then everyone they’ve ever talked to, everyone at their mosque, etc. You start a file, and you keep adding to hit. you get a file every time you were in the same market as some person who has a file. All of those people are in a database and an algorithm goes through them and determines if they fit the “signature” of a potential threat, and if they do, they can be blown up from the sky.

I really hope he was just playing a jackass republican character on the show. Either that, or Jimmy takes him down in the bonus content.

Not sure how to feel about being the first comment out of the box but, no, wasn’t doing a character. I’m very comfortable with being a liberal Hawk. People killed for no reason all the time. Every day. In a myriad of bizarre and unnecessary ways. The Drone program has disrupted the ability of Al Qaeda to function with cohesion and has kept us from having to risk the lives of soldiers in the field. I believe in health care for all, immigration reform, that Rush Limbaugh’s a dangerous dick, same sex marriage, redistribution of wealth, Obama’s U.S birth certificate, that Mark Levine is a dangerous dick, voters rights, strict guns laws including the abolishing of “Stand Your Ground” in Florida and putting George Zimmerman in prison, that the Democrats may hold the Presidency for the foreseeable future, raising the debt ceiling, that Sean Hannity’s a dangerous dick, a woman’s right to choose AND drone strikes. Hope that helps.

Best way to begin the show with that awesome rant. I loved it a lot. You guys completely went crazy in this podcast that was so awesome. I am kind of sick of your Johnson commercial. You need to switch it up a bit. I know your immaturity loves it. I did to but you over did it.

We should end the pointless wars. Then just drone Syria. Have it be exactly with what happened at Libya. 64% of Libyans liked America after we bombed them. No ground troops just the drones.

Iraq isn’t anything like what happened in Libya. I love how you always go to the places that had ground troops but not when we just used drones. I am with Marc Unger. We do need to wait for the proof that it’s the government of Syria. If we don’t have that proof and still do it as long as it ended up like Libya I can’t hate it.

Thank you for this hilarious great podcast you guys are so loveable. Steve is also such a sweetheart I love him.

I watched the full ep of Town Square and saw you writing stuff. Was that for your book? Also how is your book coming along? I want an update on your book please. Jimmy I ♥ your awesomeness.

I just realized you don’t like us to ask about how the book is coming along. I would like some updates though. The way John Green gives whenever he is writing a book. He says how many pages/chapters he has written. He says how many more he needs by a certain amount of time. He also talks about the frustrations of brain crack aka writers block. Can you give us any updates?

yayers, you gave us a book update. I would love more book updates. If you have to drop the premium it would be understandable. I love book talk. The book vlogs were/are some of my favorite vlogs by John Green. The more you talk about the book the more I am interested. Even if it’s just about bitching about writers block I actually find that funny. It usually makes John Green scream so maybe that’s why.

I love the premium content stuff it’s so awesome. I hope you the bestest of luck with the book.

Jimmy, please don’t have that guy on a phone on any more, I beg you

oh, I’m reading Marc Ungers response now explaining how it is ok to drone people, cos hey, shit happens all the time. Can I ask you, Marc Unger, what is wrong with you!

Brian Unger, I have to say I was sickened by this display of callous indifference to suffering on your part, and support for the drone program. It’s pretty easy for us to sit around and joke about sending rappers we don’t like to die in some pointless war, to say “hey man, it’s war” so it’s ok — no, it’s AWESOME if we murder men women and children with remote controlled airplanes because shit happens and the world sucks. Well, yeah, children die in wars, and bad stuff happens all over the world, but that doesn’t make it ok for us to perpetuate the cycle of bad stuff happening and children dying. It isn’t war when you use a remote controlled airplane to murder your POLITICAL ENEMIES and also their wives and children and neighbors. THAT IS NOT WAR, and we’re not at war, we’re slaughtering people at will from absolute safety, which is more akin to what the ORKIN MAN DOES. Furthermore, as was pointed out to you, the entire reason why these people hate us (some of them) is because of exactly this thing that you’re advocating, and it’s been going on for about a hundred years now, it’s not new. So yeah, we have been oppressing and destroying the arab world ever since world war one, so now they’re fighting us, and opposing us, so instead of LEAVING and ENDING OUR CRIMES, we pull out remote controlled airplanes and wipe out wedding parties while sipping on big gulps in new mexico, and we call ourselves the “good guys”, but we’re not, and you have no clue whether al qaeda is trying to attack america but can’t because of drone strikes, you have no clue whether that has anything to do with their operational abilities, or if it scares them at all, seeing as how most al qaeda are religious fanatics who want to die, not that it makes the slightest bit of difference. Just because something works, that doesn’t make it right. Yeah, if a slave is getting uppity, it works to whip them, but it’s probably better to let them go free, and we have made arabs our slaves, so maybe we should just stop oppressing them.

Maybe it’s Marc, not Brian, my mistake, but also I want to point out that if you believe in every single “liberal” ideal, and not democracy itself, and also you believe in oppressing and destroying the lives of people in other countries, then you’re no better than any of those people you just listed. Democracy DOES work, it works a little too well, that’s why the powerful always fight against it, and subvert it, but democracy has existed in this country before to some limited extent and could again but not if we just dismiss the very idea of democracy and give up on it. My suggestion to you would be to go and talk to a group that I have met with, “Palestinians for peace and democracy” and give them your take. Tell them you believe in abortion and gay rights and also that democracy isn’t possible and it’s awesome to bomb their families because you think it prevents al qaeda from attacking america while we continue to strip the carcass of the middle east and pay dictators who kill people for holding signs.

Also, this is not a complaint, but I just want to point out the woman who described Katrina was spot on. This is just coming from experience as I was there for hurricane katrina, and that was exactly how I felt. The thing is, a tornado does cause more intense damage than a hurricane, but on a very small scale. Tornadoes rip up buidings and uproot or snap trees, etc. Hurricanes cover a large area and cause a little damage generally but not the extreme damage you see from a tornado. Katrina was not like a normal hurricane, it was like a tornado hit the entire state, everything was ripped up, bent, uprooted, smashed, just like you would see with a tornado. You just have to have seen it to understand, so I get the confusion.


Cenk Uygur and I am also for the drones. We just want proof that it’s the government doing it. I also don’t want the agreement that Iran has with Israel to be up before we bomb. That way we can’t bomb Iran. If that agreement is up then that means we did do it just to get to Iran.

Marc Unger is full of shit. The drone program has benefited Al Qaeda much more than hurt them. Drones create rage and chaos in the regions they are used, two things which greatly aid Al Qaeda. For example, they have gained strength in Yemen since we started to use drones.
This is a great example of why terrorism should be considered a law enforcement problem rather than a military problem. War is a tool of last resort against states. Law enforcement is the tool you use against crime.
Jimmy, if your not going to call out the bullshit of your guests, then don’t bother to have them on.

t’s the rodeo, Jimmy,

If you need to take time off to write this book, I think we would all understand. Writing a whole book in a month is daunting even with nothing else. And to do it all while high. Fantastic! I’ll listen to some best-of’s shows for a few weeks, man, the show’s hilarious on a second listen.

Jim the moment I heard you had an opening on FB I went to add you. I hope you add me and nobody else did that. I love you adoreable panda bear.