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The Jimmy Dore Show Podcast february 17, 2017


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More Stuff Happened & We Make Fun Of It!

Mitt Romney,
Harrison Ford
and White House Press Secretary
Sean Spicer calls in for the first time!

Trump’s rambling press conference
(and why it appeals to his base)

Democrats are chastising Bernie Sanders
for being correct and popular

Tim Canova Interview
talk about divestment in Banks that
fund dangerous fracking pipelines.

With Tim Canova, Jim Earl, Mike MacRae, Ron Placone, Stef Zamorano

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Jimmy, I am not worried about public schools going anywhere. My photographic memory of how I was always fighting the system will explain why.

I was trying to remember the name of the teacher I asked for extra help. I kept being told by the secretary of the school (she is my sisters friends mom) that there was no 7th grade math teacher with the last name that begins with R. She was wrong.

What happened was after I was put into retard classes I asked him to teach me math after school. He never said no like I took what he said to mean. He was testing the school and told me to ask the cunt teacher I got switched to. I knew she would never agree and be pissed at me for even asking to learn. 2 weeks later he asks her for me. She got pissed. My locker was in a location upstairs so you can hear and see everything that happens on the stairs and hear anything that happens under the stairs to around that area. I looked for a second to see what I needed to be prepared for because her class was my next class. She took off her glasses and I could tell she was pissed even though it was just the back of her head. I had her pegged from the moment I saw her so I was very prepared with the what to say when I went to her class. She told him you have enough students to deal with you shouldn’t worry about her and she should never have asked for that. So I went to the class pretended that I didn’t hear any of that. I did forget that I even asked to be taught after school because I was very shy and would forget that I would do things like that. I had ways of blocking things out of my mind to when there is a lot of other shit going on.

When she got to the class she totally bitched me out. She said that I should never have interrupted another class. I explained I didn’t it was before class started and the only way I knew I could talk to him. She acted as if I was late for class (that only happened once for her classes and it was because of a different teacher and just the helper. Luckily while I was being bitched at for wanting to learn she came in and said that I was late because of her. I have a feeling she knew he was leaving just because of how she was whispering. I was told never to do anything like that again (then they wonder why I never did my homework).

I don’t know when I heard his phone call. I was once again around the stairwell going to my locker (that thing echos like crazy). He was talking to his teacher union most likely. He was saying that he wanted to switch schools. He said that the school wasn’t working out. They wanted to know why. He said one of his best students got transferred out. They said where/to what class sort of thing. He said to sped classes and all she wanted to do was learn (now me being me I didn’t think he was talking about me because I was only getting a B in his class and actually trying. I also didn’t really think about the sped classes part of the phone call). He said that her asking the teacher was a test for the school not to her and he can’t work at a place that didn’t want students to learn.

So he did what Stef said she would have done and quit. He left 2 weeks after I was switched to sped classes. What should have happened instead was us both go to secretary of the school and force a change in my schedule. Then I could have gone back to his class. I just didn’t know that was an option or really much about the secretary of the school expect she did a lot to help out a smart girl named Sarah. She tried to get her into high honor classes.

By the time I knew anything about the secretary and had the courage to ask her about anything the teacher left. I had no favors to really ask because I didn’t think she could have made it so I could be in the 8th grade. To this day she said I was way to smart for the 7th grade. I wanted to go to the 7th grade instead of repeating the 6th grade. My parents just said I was to retarded for the 7th grade when we read Out of the Dust that year. I would have read that in 7th grade.

I also protested the system because I got switched right when they were going to read Out of the Dust. I found a copy I thought was my sisters (it was the schools I didn’t know that) I brought it to class and said I am going read this you can read whatever you want. The teacher was pissed took the book acted as if I stole it from whatever room number was written on it. I just stated it was my sisters book she might have wrote the numbers in there. I found out my sister never returned that book. That book is still on my book shelf in the basement and I am happy. I am glad that book got stolen from those shitheads.

I say that public school and the school system doesn’t matter because everything I learnt is from Google. All you need is a house or any place you can hook a laptop or any computer to and you can now teach a class. There are people who just love to teach and will teach for free. That’s why my math teacher had no problem staying after school just to teach me math. He just wanted the school to be okay with it. I never did my homework but I learnt a shitload on my own. Private school was no better. I have so many stories how I got called a cheater for skipping ahead and getting things right on the more advance stuff. I got held back even in high school from math just because of the way the classes were set up at that time. I really wanted to learn and this kid that went by the name Newmy was supposed to teach me. He was even annoyed that I actually wanted to learn this stuff. The problem was he didn’t understand it himself. I should have just been switched into Peter’s math class instead. They might not of had space so that’s why I couldn’t I don’t know I never asked him. Peter was an amazing math teacher he could tell senior year I was just dealing with a lot of shit so instead of learning calculus he just let me play games. They were math based games but he let me play. He said it was a good thing I wasn’t in his advisory class/meetings (it was an end of the day type of thing it might have been Fridays only). Anyways he said he would make me talk. The thing is he wouldn’t be able to make me because I just knew how to bullshit things. I just might not have minded talking to him about shit in my life that he knew was there but never forced me to talk about.

Most schools just play videos from anyways and there are kids versions of those just type kids at the end of them.

I am done learning math. I realize now that doing something in math and making that a profession would just make me a bitch to the system. I was never a bitch to the system. I was like Jimmy and railed against it. Right now I need to find a way to learn German. Then maybe I can come up with some more fucked up comedy stuff like how Jimmy is Satan’s eggs. That is right Jimmy. I hope you haven’t forgotten you are Satan’s eggs not his balls. I don’t know Jimmy is his sunny side up eggs or over easy eggs. All I know is that Hannah is on the same frying pan as Jimmy. That is because she didn’t have her skirt buttoned up. She was walking around her school like a massive slut because of it.

I hope you enjoyed my rant I needed this. I love you all and hope you enjoyed it. Maybe you won’t be so afraid of Clinton or Trump closing down schools because of it.

“Have you ever seen Sleepless in Seattle? I’ll have what she’s having.” That was funny.

Put my name down for buying Catherine the Great knock offs. They’d look dope at my pad.

Put my name down for buying Catherine the Great furniture knock offs. They’d look dope at my pad.

Is it too much to ask for Jimmy not to be stoned for Premium content? I’m catching up on my listening and just listened to the 2-14-17 content on the premium tab and Jimmy’s either drunk, stoned, gone 72 hours without sleep, or all three. Please take this in the spirit it’s intended. I’m a fan.

Or, he can just sell his own line of hemp products called “aDoreAbles.”

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