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The Jimmy Dore Show podcast may 23,2014

The Jimmy Dore Show 5-23- 2014


More Stuff Happened & We Make Fun Of It!

Pres Obama calls to talk about the VA scandal, NY times sports writer upset with gay kiss, intellectuals on the right lie about science, Chris Christ calls in to talk Smart Guns & screwing union workers.  


with Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Robert Yasumura, Paul Kozlowski, Stef Zamorano

Originating from KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, The Jimmy Dore Show is an irreverent and humorous take on today’s headlines and hypocrites. The program skewers politicians as well as the corporate mouthpieces which make up today’s mainstream “news media.” Each and every week, The Jimmy Dore Show provides the unvarnished truth with a twist of funny.

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Jimmy, Ana isn’t an atheist she is one of those agnostics that don’t understand what the word agnostic means. Surprising she never read a dictionary considering she is a teacher. I hate when people like her try to destroy the word atheist. She even knows she is because many times Cenk told her she is an agnostic and Dave Koller is an atheist. The only ones at TYT that know 100% there is no god are you and Dave Koller as far as I know. The rest are either agnostic or are just stupid and don’t know how to read dictionaries. (they can pick for themselves they can’t be smart and say there is a possibility of a god and call themselves atheist.) That’s all I am saying.

After hearing that clip from TYT I just thought I would let you know Ana isn’t really an atheist. I also love your podcasts. They are always full of hilarious commentary.

Jimmy, I just remembered something. New info is out. Jesus was probably gay. It was talked about on the David Pakman Show. In the picture of the last supper. That was Jesus’s boyfriend that has the head resting on him. I just thought you might like that info if you didn’t know it.

Jimmy, I know how that not being credit for stuff feels like. That is so messed up. It’s also like when a GOP ad used TYT in an ad without their permission as well.

Jimmy, I am watching TYTlive I am behind in it. The way the female circumcision is done is worse however the only reason the male circumcision happens is for the same reason as females. Kellog, the guy who created the Kellogs cereal, he created circumcision to stop masturbation. They also used to put male babies in cages so they couldn’t touch themselves when they slept in their cribs. They bond the boys even when they were toddlers. They acted as if 3 year olds even have sperm in their body is so stupid. The reason the female circumcision was ban in the 70s first is because it was more dangerous and obvious. The male circumcision is ban in most other countries. This is what I learnt in college for the most part (all because I was early for class). I also did some more research on my own and even helped my friend reconstruct his foreskin by giving him info about it. He was actually having problems because he was circumcised and having infections and some other things. He loved me so much for it. Oddly enough I know all of this information and still haven’t seen a penis. That makes me so happy.

Jimmy and Company:

Another kick-ass show, although I will confess that being subjected to Charles Krauthammer and George Will’s derpitude on climate change gave me an aneurysm – or at least that’s the current diagnosis. In the end, it could turn out to be just a regular toomah…

Aside from the fact that these drooling imbeciles (and the gazillion others like them) are nothing more than half-bright, overpaid infotainer whores for right-wing media conglomerates, how is it that they can continue to sidestep the glaring reality that investing in 21st-century technology will allow the country to compete in a 21st-century economy? (Not to mention the fact that making such investments will put millions of people back to work in actual REAL jobs…) These assholes should never, ever be permitted to evade this question, which is, I assume, one of the principal reasons why they never agree to engage in actual REAL debate with actual REAL experts on neutral turf. If I had a prominent voice in the media, I would make it a regular (read: daily) point of issuing direct challenges that they meet on neutral turf to debate the issues. To the extent such challenges are ignored and/or declined, I would then taunt them (daily) with some form of “talk is cheap” provocation. (“Hi Bill-O and Charles and Sean and George (etal), you fucking pussies. You afraid to put your money where your mouths are, you cowardly little bitches?”) Something along those lines…

And speaking of debunking the usual crackpot claims which purport to counter the science of climate change, here are a few zingers from Bill Moyers’ site.

Sorry about all the yammering in this post. I’ll go ahead and shut up now.

Bottom line: Keep doing what you’re doing. Great stuff.


Wow, I am here for the premium content that it’s not even up yet. I had to refresh 3 times for it to be processed. I love it. I get to say first. Thank you for this hilarious ha bisky podcast. Jimmy, are you going to create a store? If so do you need any funding for it? If so I can donate. My donation for wolfpac didn’t go through so I am going to try again and can donate to you as well. I would like to know how much you need to start the store. You could probably also connect it to TYTs store. That way when people are looking for your stuff or TYTs they can easily get to yours.

♥ you, your show, and everybody in the podcast.

per your Charles Krauthammer discussion, it bears mention that Chucky K’s contention that climate change isn’t real because climate change science evolves and because scientists meet to discuss it’s implications makes you wonder what he thinks of the leaders all of the branches of Christianity that gather together on a regular basis to vote on the policies of their churches. Christians don’t stone women who wear pants because they got together and decided that was stupid. They don’t protest seafood restaurants because they decided that eating shellfish might not really be that big of a deal. Religion is temporal and democratic and evolving too — does that fact alone negate its validity, Chuck?

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