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Gays in the Military?

Could it be time to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?”

From the January 2011 Pop & Politics show @ the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles.

Left Right & Ridiculous is a unique blend of sketch, stand-up and video that skewers today’s current events. Prepare for a hilarious hour of blasphemy and general disrespect that is definitely NOT fun for the whole family.

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LOVE the new Branding~! …and really a lot better than the last incarnation, and I know you loved it Jimmy, but this is much better, seriously.

Great logo work, very clever on a high level. Top notch. It’s a design like this that succeeds with typography where many other fail.

The cartoon is also pretty funny. caricaturing your own cynical anger that fuels this side of your comedy (and much of the rest of it).

Just wanted to tell you from a fan: good move. Love the new name and branding~!!

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