The Jimmy Dore Show: Premium Audio now available!

Pop and Politics Year-End Wrap-Up!

Sean Hannity, Armadeddon, and Chuck Norris!

Rush Limbaugh says “Eat More! Exercise Less!”

Congressman Caught Banging Abstinence Advocate!

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Dr. Laura Says the N Word Eleven Times!

How to Stop the Oil Spill…Kind Of!

Tiger Woods Has a Penis!

Left Right & Ridiculous is a unique blend of sketch, stand-up and video that skewers today’s current events. Prepare for a hilarious hour of blasphemy and general disrespect that is definitely NOT fun for the whole family.

These were all absolutely hilarious! Thanks for putting them up.

Great New Site! It’s all working for you Jimmy. You drew me in With Comedy & Everything else, and now I’m branching out into your other projects. I agree that you probably need a better name than Pop & Politics though. Pop & Politics makes me think of a 1980’s Voting campaign sponsored by Coca Cola, but I love the format~! looking forward to seeing Watching the News.

I know you already blew up…. but I think you’re headed for a second explosion.

Jimmy, Pop & Politics is what I need to stay sane!!!!!
I’m also a big fan of the Jimmy Dore Radio Show!
You, Sir, are serving rational people with the comic relief we need to remain sound-minded… and we appreciate it.
Health and happiness to you!