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HULU won’t play outside US apparently.

Jimmy can we just buy this from you? I’m not a hulu guy and I’d rather support just you.

It was hilarious when you spit in Alex Jones’ face yesterday!

I am going to start spitting on everyone I hate.

Let’s start a trend!

you should be spitting out your teeth soon

what kind of freak thinks he can get by with spiting on others

Jimmy is total scum. What kind of person spits on someone and runs away? Please youtube jimmy dore spits on alex jones. Everyone dont blame the victim alex jones. Alex does not deserve to be assaulted. I hope alex press charges

Dear Ben Mankiewicz,

I suggest you leave the young turks because you’re too old to babysit three babies. Jimmy the spitter, Ana the fat shamer, and cenk the guerrilla.

Its a shame that you’re the only adult in the company.

John 3:16

I was interested in your show because you come across as making fun of the whole gamut of political nonsense but i lasted five minutes, You are just a spitter. i have never spit in my life,it is so girly, you should really be ashamed of yourself. if younwere somewhat funny and didnt over play the racisim thing i could have even overlooked that

Great show Jimmy! Negative commenters must be from Fox News (so not news) viewers! Or from Alex Jones incognito!

I don’t know who those negative commenters are talking about–certainly not Jimmy Dore. Jimmy Dore is a brilliant, hilarious truth-teller. We’re gonna need you to get through Trump, Jimmy.

You are the truth teller who makes me think and giggle too. Such raw honesty and wit.. A rare and much appreciated combo.

I only found you by accident on YouTube during the US election – as a Brit I was searching on Youtube to find out as much as I could about Clinton and Trump. Now you are required viewing. Love the mix of humour with spreading the word on important issues such as Syria. I hate to admit I was one of those people who instinctively knew the action in Syria was wrong but would say to my friends “I don’t understand why we are even there?”. After seeing your videos on Syria I became a dedicated fan and starting reading up properly on Syria – and not only that you have made me wake up and take notice of how the news is reported on everything not just Syria. And your videos on DAPL also were incredibly inspiring – leading me to making changes about who I bank with and thinking more about the companies I shop with and the products I buy. I watch your videos every day and always laugh a lot (your videos on Obama are priceless – I have used them to convert all my previously Obama loving friends into complete haters!) and I learn a lot. You were the best discovery of 2016. Looking forward to your videos in 2017.

Jimmy, I just discovered you recently.I’m a retired railroader
Who drove from South side (83Rd kedsie)to Iowa to caucus for bernie. Met great people who care. Met Sanders in waterloo where he spoke the day before the caucus. Watched him and Thom for years. Telling every body about your fantastic show!you got that Marquette Park sound the country needs and will love to hear. Your important jimmy I’m hailing you on!!!

This guy is great, republicans could learn from him…… the way, i condone the spitting in AJ’s face……AJ is a punk looney and i would do the same. And i hope he or any of you right wing snowflakes would try to stop me…….. but no, he bitched up like the punk he is…

Thanks for telling the truth. We need a lot more. The only problem I have is I share your vids with Public on my Facebook and I worry that a few of my friends will shut down to the message I want then to get from you that I got after they here the colorful language. Other than that, I aDORE You! I even try to send you content I feel relevant to your platform.

Ever consider that Clinton got a bump in the polls when Comey closed the investigation into her emails, then was ordered to do it again to get another bump?

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