The Jimmy Dore Show: Premium Audio now available!

Premium 3-2-14 will post monday 3-3-14 @ 5pm.

Due to technical difficulties the premium content will be delayed until monday  march 3 at 5pm.

Sorry for the delay, thanks for your understanding.

Premium content available to donor listeners.

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Thanks Jim-Jam! You might want to double-check the link to the 3-3-14 file. As of now it’s referencing the 2-19-14 file.

..What Justin said.:) :(?

Yes. The link is to the 2/9/14 premium content. For some reason I can’t leave a comment on the premium contest post.

ALl fixed, thanks for the heads up!

Your welcome. I wasn’t sure. I will listen to it tonight. You are so freaking awesome.

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