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Each week Jimmy Dore, Stefane Zamorano and guests get together to talk about comedy, and everything else on their minds.

If you’re new to this podcast, welcome to the party! We’ve had many interesting and well-known guests on the show, and there’s bound to be something thought-provoking in each episode.

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Bill Oreilley calls in to defend Rush. Caution: it’s hilarious.

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Comedy & Everything Else ep # 169 Kelly Carlin

Comedy andEverything Else Episode#169

This Week:

Kelly Carlin was generous enough to sit down and tell us whatever we wanted to know about growing up with the funniest guy in the world as your dad. She is currently performing “A Carlin Home Companion: Life, Love and Laughter with George”, which is about exactly what it sounds like.

Kelly Carlin was a delight!

Our conversation with Kelly was thoroughly enjoyable , insightful and often funny. And I am very proud to say that contained inside this episode is what Kelly described as her “favorite question ever”, so there’s that. Plus we get to hear George Carlin sing “Everything is Okay Anyway”.

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If you aren’t familiar with Mike MacRae, get ready. His mind-blowingly hilarious Rip Torn impression is in full force in this weeks “Hollywood Drunk Tank: Oscar Edition!”, and leads off the show. Rip tells about the time he got kicked out of the Oscars for heckling Jeff Bridges, and how sick he is of seeing foreigners prancing around the Oscar stage.

Sean Young got herself kicked out of the Governors Ball that she wasn’t invited too after she slapped a security guard when she got caught. But Rip tells us that Sean is no stranger to the Whoscow. In fact, Rip and Sean used to be old drinking buddies, people used to call them “Young & Torn”. It is an episode of Drunk Tank that is not to be missed, and remember, Celebrities-their just like you, except drunk and fucking beautiful!

March 24th Improv Lab

See you March 24th for Left, Right & Ridiculous at the Hollywood Improv Lab! Special guests Frank Conniff, David Feldman and more!

Comedy & Everything Else ep. #168

Comedy andEverything Else Episode #168

This week:

False Equivalencies : Did you know that going on a three day tirade that uses lies and misinformation to slander and sexually demean a female law student is exactly the same thing as calling Sarah Pallin a “twat”? Well according to a lot of people who don’t

Rush Limbaugh = Bill Maher & Frank Conniff?

have a clue, it is. Yes because, if you don’t think about it, a bomb throwing Governor with a penchant for misinformation, hate rhetoric, and dog whistle politics is exactly the same thing as law student testifying on behalf of women’s health.

We also find out that making an ironic joke about sexuality is exactly the same thing as a well thought out, deliberate, ugly, slanderous, misogynistic, mean spirited, continual three day character assassination and campaign of intimidation by the most powerful media figure with the biggest megaphone in the country, against a powerless citizen.

As I have explained on my KPFK show, ridicule aimed at the powerful is called “comedy”. Ridicule aimed at the powerless is called “bullying”. I have not heard anyone else in the media make that point, and am always stunned to see people on television talking about this without ever mentioning this fact.

Too easy to make fun of?

Don’t worry, we didn’t stop watching the bachelor, and yes, it got even dumber. Why Stef and I like to poke fun at thisparticular reality show is hard to say.

Maybe it is because it turns normal dating rituals and norms on its head. Or maybe it is because it is fun to watch people try to pretend there isn’t a camera crew in their face the

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entire time they are trying to fall in love for ever.

Maybe it’s because they just say and do lots of mind blowingly dumb stuff that brings us joy to make fun of? Either way, we play two more clips from the show and make fun of them.

We are joined by my good pal and hilarious comedian Keith Lowell Jensen who treats us to my favorite knock-knock joke of all time.

Kieth Lowell Jensen punches you with jokes

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Comedy & Everything Else # 167 Becky Pedigo, Heather Peters & Honda Hybrids

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Comedy andEverything Else Episode #167

This Week:

Beck Pedigo is the star of her own Comedy Central Special and now the Author “Killing Me Softly With Jazz Hands”,  her collection of stories about traveling the country doing stand up comedy. Yes she is darkly sarcastic and describes her comedy as a shot of Tequila, and I have to agree. Plus becky and I had an argument on facebook, and we relive it and resolve it.

Heather Peters bought a Honda Civic Hybrid and cuz they are supposed to get 50 miles to the gallon, but like me, she got waaaaaay less than that.  Honda, like all good corporations, decided to screw over its customers and not compensate them for the shitty performance their cars deliver.   Well, Heather decided to take them to court, small claims court, and BEAT HONDA to the tune of $9,800 !!!

Jonathan Corbett, the host of DREAM TWEET sits in and provides a big dose of hilarity.

Comedy & Everything Else ep. #166 Jon Dore and Abby Londer.

Comedy andEverything Else Episode #166

“DORE on DORE!” Its not really a contest, just a regular show where we talk about stuff and make jokes and our guest is hilarious comedian Jon Dore.

I guess I just like the sound of “Dore on Dore!”  Its sounds exciting, like there is going to be a fight!  But  there isn’t  a fight.  Sadly we  get along swimmingly and laugh a lot. Our regular listeners will know Jon from performing that crazy comedy sketch on Conan Obrien with Rory Scoval where they both did their stand-up acts acts simultaneously.

Jon is not only an accomplished comedian, but also the star of The Jon Dore Television Show! It originally aired on the Comedy Channel in Canada, but has subsequently been picked up by the IFC channel here in the states.

Also: Ever wonder why there isn’t a comedy festival in Los Angeles?  Well, so did Abby Londer and she decided to do something about. Yep, she is starting a Los Angeles Comedy Festival!

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And special thanks to Jonathan Corbett, host of DREAM TWEET!, for sitting in and being funny!

And the inimitable Mike Macrae knocking it out of the park again with Paula Dean.

Jon Dore

Abby Londer