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John Kerry To Anti War Group: “Please Support This War!”

John Kerry – who defines what a Mission Creep is – a one time protester of pointless and endless wars, now a champion of pointless and endless wars.

Say what you want about Code Pink, this was pretty sweet to see John Kerry warmongering with their Bright Pink signs saying There Is No Military Solutionand “More War = More Extremism floating directly over his shoulder. Those Code Pink signs in back of Kerry have the distinction of being the first anti-war arguments allowed on mainstream television.

Here Jimmy and crew break down his war propaganda presented the Senate and his pleading with anti war group Code Pink to support his latest war in the middle east. Thats Brass balls. Obviously, military invasion and air srikes are Code Pink’s preferred manner of persuasion.

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(TJDS) CNBC Anchors, Who Missed Banking Meltdown, Shocked By 'Sum Ting Wong' Prank

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CNBC, where the 1% gets their news, didn't think highly of San Francisco's KTVU's mistaken reporting of racist asian names following the crash of Asiana Flight 214 and they should because CNBC is flawless and never missed any gigantic economic bubbles that cratered the global economy. Comedian Jimmy Dore, political analyst Ben Mankiewicz (Host, Turner Classic Movies) and comedian Matt Kirshen (Probably Science podcast, Fallon, Ferguson, Set List) break it all down on this installment of The Jimmy Dore Show.


Cry Baby Liberals Need To Stop Whining About Zimmerman (TJDS)

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The trial is over. The jury has spoken. Justice has been served. Quit complaining, liberals! Comedian Jimmy Dore breaks it down on this installment of American Minute

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