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Congressman scrapes by on $400,000 a year.

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Here is more proof that our ruling class is out of touch and out of control. Here is a congressman who is trying  to cut healthcare and retirement benefits for the working people and the poor, saying how tough he has earning only 10 times that of the  average worker in  his district.

ABC 7 almost reports the news.

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Yet another fine example of journalism at its best. Here is local abc 7 news on the night of the debt ceiling deal, they spend :30 seconds on it so they could make time for ……. well, get ready.

CNN: Aren’t the poor really to blame for this economy?

Here is another example of the kind of journalistic standards they have over at CNN. The question Carol Cambell asks her audience is enough to make your head fly off, which is why Cornell West has that thing on his neck, to keep his head attached during CNN interviews.

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