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Proflowers Promotion


Here is the deal for  You get these beautiful dozen  assorted roses plus  FREE VASE  for only  $19.99!  You can double the roses and get a free vase and Teddy Bear for just $39.98!  Click here and when you get to click on the microphone in the upper right hand corner and type in

“Jimmy D” and that will take you to our special deal and make sure that your purchase goes towards supporting the show!

We have offered this deal before and all who have taken part have been 100% satisfied with the flowers. They are guaranteed to be delivered on the date that you choose, including Feb. 14th Valentines day. Plus they guarantee them to stay fresh for a full week!  Now, I’m no flower-surgeon, but that sounds like a good deal to me.

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We also have a great deal on Chocolate covered  Strawberries!  They are from a Sherrie’s Berries and I was a long time customer way before they contacted us to do this promotion.  I have been sending Sherrie’s Berries as gifts for years! If you have ever tasted them you know they are unbelievably HUGE and JUICY. How juicy are they? Well, the last one I bit into squirted so much wonderful strawberry juice that it  put out a house fire.  Now come on, thats juicy.

I might be exaggerating to make a point, but they really are the juiciest strawberries in the whole wide world. And you don’t have to believe me that they are great, just look what they say at thier own website:

“Surprise someone special with these incredible, mouthwatering creations! Each succulent strawberry is dipped in milk, dark or white and covered with toppings. The end result is a heavenly combination of flavors.”

To get the deal and help support the show please go to and click on the microphone in the upper right hand corner and type in “Jimmy D” and you will get  a full half dozen giant chocolate covered Strawberries for only $19.99!!! You can double the berries for only $9.99!!

[...] Plus this week we have two great ways to help support the show: Before feb 6th click this deal. [...]