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CNN: Aren’t the poor really to blame for this economy?

Here is another example of the kind of journalistic standards they have over at CNN. The question Carol Cambell asks her audience is enough to make your head fly off, which is why Cornell West has that thing on his neck, to keep his head attached during CNN interviews.

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/First, “mea culpa.” I’m poor, and I accept responsibility./

Second — thank you, Jimmy Dore, for exposing the slanted coverage of the “lame-stream” media. But, does your message get to anyone beyond “the choir?”

Glad you like the show, thanks for the compliment. As for who listens , I can not control who hears my show, I can only control the content of the show. “You can lead a whore to culture, but you can’t make her think”.

Dymph, I agree that the ME is going to end up armed, and that just means the coming war will be much logner and much worse than it could have been if we settled it now. It also means that we’ll be fighting a two-front war, one there and one at home. That’s in part why I am so appalled at the idea of forging alliances with Muslims…because although we can be damned sure our enemy will not equivocate with their principles, we will HAVE to equivocate ours in order to make an alliance, however temporary it may be.There is no ‘maybe the west is not all bad’ in the minds of our enemies. We are, individually and collectively, components of the Great Satan in their eyes, period. We simply can’t afford to start down the ‘maybe Islam isn’t all bad’ road or we are sunk. That’s the progressive trap the allies fell into in the 30s…”well, Hitler is a madman, but he has no power”; “Hitler has power but maybe he’s not a madman”; “Hitler is a madman and has power, but maybe he won’t occupy the Rhineland, conduct an Anchluss with Austria, take over the Sudetenland”; “Hitler is a madman with power and has done all the things he promised not to do, but after all, he DID promise not to invade Poland, so lets give him another chance…”.