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Highlights From “The Point”

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I find it interesting that today’s youth are so ignorant of what have been the normal practices of Jews living in the lower east side of New York City for over 50 years, i.e., spitting on women and children who, in their mind, have strayed from what they consider to be the “true religion”. I grew up in NYC, as my parents did, and this practice, albeit disgusting and repulsive on several levels, is common. Welcome to Jews in America. Religion can and will continue to be a seat of hypocrisy and wrong doing in the world until it is held up in front of everyone for what it is, and that goes for Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Muslim, you name it.

Things may be changing somewhat in America now that matriarchal Jewish households headed by women who barely survived the holocost are diminishing in number. It is understandable of course that these were cautious and careful as to who they let into their homes and families. Watch the trials if you don’t understand what I’m hinting at. But bigotry begats bigotry, and unless you’ve been the victim of Jewish or Black bigotry (get back at those who ‘got’ you) then you need to work a bit harder to understand what kinds of injustice springs from both sides of the bigot aisle.

Probably the best thing I’ve ever heard you say. <3